I know. It’s very 1990s of us to put an “under construction” label on the site, but please bear with us. We’re going to get back to website work now that soaring season is over for a while. If you need something and you can’t find it, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line via the contact page!

Welcome to the Sanford Soaring Club!

Have you ever wanted to soar above southern Maine, playing with the hawks and eagles, with nothing but the sound of the wind whistling past your ears?

The Sanford Soaring Club is a non-profit club, operated by its members purely for the joy of soaring. We are offering a few different membership options, with special ultra-low rates for student members willing to help out with sweat equity!

We’re based at the Sanford Regional Airport (KSFM) in York County, Maine. (Just a little more than an hour north of Boston).

You don’t need to be a glider pilot to join. Our team of volunteer instructors are ready and able to help you learn to fly gliders.

Soaring for Families

Imagine a place where your kids play outside, surrounded by good role models. Imagine if they were to participate in all kinds of projects and learn responsibility. Imagine if you were there with them… except when you were off soaring.

At Sanford Soaring, our goal is to build a great community for the entire family. Where math and science are applied daily in fun and exciting ways, where professionalism and friendliness are a way of life and where great memories are formed. To learn more about becoming a member, send us a message!

Glider Rides

We’re not a commercial operation, so we’re unable to offer glider rides to the general public. But a one-day prospective membership includes a demonstration flight so you can try out soaring for yourself before deciding. Contact us to set up a time if you’re interested!

Soaring Schedule

Sep 22-23, 29-30 schedules

Please note that Saturday, Sep 29th is a no-soaring day.  Tow pilots and instructors will be on their annual fall flying safari, so unavailable!  This weekend looks like some good temperature deltas from night to day, so hoping for great thermals! Will start early on Saturday for more student flight time.  As thermals kick up, …

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