TWO more solos!

Wow.  Saturday, May 28 was a blisteringly hot day but two club members managed to solo anyway.  Bill Cotter had actually flown gliders years ago so it wasn’t his first glider solo but after a 24 year hiatus we think it counts. James Stickney then soloed right after Bill and even managed to stay aloft a little while, although he didn’t quite make the “2-hour challenge” John set out for him.  Congratulations Bill and James!

Rob Montgomery First Glider Solo!

Today started with a bleak forecast but brought just a high overcast and smooth air, making for a perfect “training” day.  Club chief safety officer Rob Montgomery took advantage of the conditions to finish his pre-solo requirements and then his first glider solo.  And then his second, third, fourth and fifth in short order.

Congratulations Rob!

GREAT first soaring day of 2016

Opening day of 2016 brought awesome weather and a good turnout of volunteers and glider students and pilots.

For a new club still figuring some things out, I think the day went amazingly well.  In an unusual turn of events, Brud and James (the first 2 fliers of the day) actually found some decent thermals and stayed aloft quite a while while the later afternoon pilots (Cindy and prospective member Bill C) made it back to the ground much faster.

Except for a minor incident with a lawn chair, all people and equipment made it through the day unscathed.  Great kickoff to the 2016 season and great start for the new club!