Opening Day for 2017 Soaring

Gliding starts May 6… Sorry I can’t say it’s 100% sure yet, but in aviation that should be familiar to all of you!

We’re still trying to get a few last-minute items ironed out, some volunteers’ schedules have changed, and weather is of course unpredictable but we are still hoping to assemble and do some flying on May 6&7 weekend.   The personnel list is now as below.  Will update timing details as we get closer.

Volunteers for Saturday, May 6
Tow Pilot – Sue Tholen
Instructor – John Gary
Safety Officer (Wing Runner) – Cindy Daigle
Duty Officer – Rob Montgomery

Volunteers for Sunday, May 7
Tow Pilot – Rob Montgomery
Instructor – Sue Tholen
Safety Officer (Wing Runner) – Cindy Daigle
Duty Officer – James Stickney