June 3/4 weekend schedule

Saturday winds have kicked up a bit beyond our comfort level and are 90 deg from the glider runway, so NO flying.  Hoping for better on Sunday.

Looks like good weather again.  We’re going to try to ask that those most interested in training arrive early (i.e. 11am) and those more interested in finding lift arrive a little later, like 1pm.  Not sure how that will work and nothing firm, but worth a try!

Volunteers for Saturday, June 3– start time 11am
Tow Pilot – Rob Montgomery
Instructor – John Gary
Safety Officer (Wing Runner) – Sue Tholen
Duty Officer – TBD

Volunteers for Sunday, June 4 — start time 11am
Tow Pilot – Sue Tholen
Instructor – John Gary
Safety Officer (Wing Runner) – Tom Dundzila
Duty Officer – TBD