Exciting News!

This past weekend we hit a LOT of major milestones for the club.  Three, yes 11 (for those who prefer binary), members performed their first solo glider flight.  Two on Saturday and one on Sunday.

Tom Dundzila was the first brave soul to go it alone, after yet a few more ‘surprises’ we subjected him to in order to make sure he was feeling well rehearsed for anything and everything.  Then he was followed in short order by Dave Caswell, who wanted in on the post-solo water ceremony!  (Check out the photo gallery page)

Both Tom and Dave are airplane pilots who have learned that engines aren’t really as important as Lycoming makes them out to be.

Not to be outdone by those more senior and more aviation-savvy, Kegan Messmer – who just turned 15 – also soloed on Sunday.  And this was his first solo in anything, not just gliders.  No airplanes, no cars,… well maybe a bicycle.

It was a very proud moment for all of us who helped make this happen, and extra special that Kegan had his dad Mike as his wing-runner!