Sep 2-3 Schedule

Sunday looks like a washout, so Saturday might get busy.  Hope to see everyone and get everyone a flight but with only 2 gliders please limit your time aloft even if lift is great (or buy your own glider!).  Also to help , those working on building time or practice please try to fly early or late if your schedule permits to leave the best thermals in the mid-day to those wanting to play with thermals.

Volunteers for Saturday, Sep 2 — start time 10:00am
Tow Pilot – Bill Swartz, Rob Montgomery
Instructor – Sue Tholen, Bill Swartz
Safety Officer (Wing Runner) – Dave Caswell, Sue Tholen
(with longer soaring days, hoping to split up responsibilities to give everyone a break and more variety!)

Sunday – TBD.   Rainy forecast looks like soaring is unlikely

NO volunteers/ NO Soaring for Monday, Labor Day