Sep 30-Oct 1

Finally, the fall weather is back!  Unfortunately the rain came too…

Volunteers for Saturday, Sep 30 — CANCELED DUE TO RAIN!!!

Volunteers for Sunday, Sep 30 — start time 11:00am
Tow Pilot – Sue Tholen
Instructor – Bill Swartz
Safety Officer (Wing Runner) –  Cindy Daigle

Latest News

It’s been an eventful September.  This past weekend was especially busy (and stiflingly hot) but very productive:

Congratulations to Rob Montgomery who passed his check ride for commercial glider pilot and hours later his flight instructor glider check ride!

We also gained a new member, Jan Kratochvil (pronounced ‘Yon’ – he’s Swiss), who also passed his commercial glider check ride after Rob softened up the examiner.   With this, Jan will be able to help out as an ‘unofficial instructor’ for those who need or want some pointers, someone to fly with, etc. but don’t need the time (to count toward their required dual instruction time).

Eric McNett assembled and flew his new Cirrus glider also, and managed to stay aloft for nearly 2 hours on the no-lift Sunday when most of us were getting sleigh rides down.    Superior glider, or superior thermaling skills?

Just a note about the glider examiner.  There’s only one in this region and he lives in northern Vermont so it’s quite a drive for him to come to us.  As others get close to their check rides, if we can group two people together in a day or a weekend that might help convince him to make the drive.  I know we have one or two others getting close… maybe we can get a couple more glider certificates this seasons still.

Thanks to everyone who helped out in numerous ways to help each other fly!



Sep 23-24th Schedule

Please note that on both days we will have club members taking check rides for their Glider Certificates, so they will get priority for tows and also for access to the 2-33.
In addition, on Saturday after noon Sue will be towing and unable to instruct so anyone needing an instructor should try to fly Sunday instead of Saturday if possible (Saturday some dual flights may be possible depending on timing details, but no guarantees!).  There is also a Young Eagles rally at KSFM on Saturday so there will be a LOT of activity and we all need to be extra vigilant.

Volunteers for Saturday, Sep 23 — start time 11:30am
Tow Pilot – Rob Montgomery / Sue Tholen
Instructor –  Sue Tholen
Safety Officer (Wing Runner) – Cindy Daigle

Volunteers for Sunday, Sep 24 — start time 10:30am
Tow Pilot – John Gary
Instructor – Sue Tholen  / Rob Montgomery
Safety Officer (Wing Runner) – Cindy Daigle


Welcome to our newest member Michael Moore (who also, by the way,  contributed some of our latest new photos!), and our newest glider – an hp14 shared by Sue and John and Rob.  Check out the photo gallery page for some updated images.

Sep 16-17 Schedule

Hoping for thermals like last weekend!

Volunteers for Saturday, Sep 16 — start time 10:00am
Tow Pilot – Bill Swartz
Instructor – John Gary AM / Sue Tholen PM
Safety Officer (Wing Runner) – Rob Montgomery

Volunteers for Sunday, Sep 17 — start time 11:00am
Tow Pilot – James Stickney
Instructor – Sue Tholen AM / John Gary PM
Safety Officer (Wing Runner) – Cindy Daigle

Sep 9-10 Schedule

I’m trying an experiment with half-day volunteer assignments, not that any of these is fixed anyway.  But want to make sure volunteers get flying in too (especially when thermals are good!) so will try to plan for that when enough volunteers make that possible.
Weather looks iffy so stay tuned for updates, but here are the plans thus far.

Volunteers for Saturday, Sep 9 — start time 10:00am
Tow Pilot – Rob Montgomery AM / John Gary PM
Instructor – John Gary AM / Sue Tholen PM
Safety Officer (Wing Runner) – Sue Tholen AM / Tom Dundzila PM

Volunteers for Sunday, Sep 10 — start time 11:00am
Tow Pilot – Bill Swartz
Instructor – Sue Tholen AM / John Gary PM
Safety Officer (Wing Runner) – James Stickney AM / Sue Tholen PM