Sep 9-10 Schedule

I’m trying an experiment with half-day volunteer assignments, not that any of these is fixed anyway.  But want to make sure volunteers get flying in too (especially when thermals are good!) so will try to plan for that when enough volunteers make that possible.
Weather looks iffy so stay tuned for updates, but here are the plans thus far.

Volunteers for Saturday, Sep 9 — start time 10:00am
Tow Pilot – Rob Montgomery AM / John Gary PM
Instructor – John Gary AM / Sue Tholen PM
Safety Officer (Wing Runner) – Sue Tholen AM / Tom Dundzila PM

Volunteers for Sunday, Sep 10 — start time 11:00am
Tow Pilot – Bill Swartz
Instructor – Sue Tholen AM / John Gary PM
Safety Officer (Wing Runner) – James Stickney AM / Sue Tholen PM