Sep 23-24th Schedule

Please note that on both days we will have club members taking check rides for their Glider Certificates, so they will get priority for tows and also for access to the 2-33.
In addition, on Saturday after noon Sue will be towing and unable to instruct so anyone needing an instructor should try to fly Sunday instead of Saturday if possible (Saturday some dual flights may be possible depending on timing details, but no guarantees!).  There is also a Young Eagles rally at KSFM on Saturday so there will be a LOT of activity and we all need to be extra vigilant.

Volunteers for Saturday, Sep 23 — start time 11:30am
Tow Pilot – Rob Montgomery / Sue Tholen
Instructor –  Sue Tholen
Safety Officer (Wing Runner) – Cindy Daigle

Volunteers for Sunday, Sep 24 — start time 10:30am
Tow Pilot – John Gary
Instructor – Sue Tholen  / Rob Montgomery
Safety Officer (Wing Runner) – Cindy Daigle