Congratulations to Jan Kratochvil for getting his Glider add-on to his Flight Instructor certificate and to Eric McNett for getting his Glider Private Pilot certificate this weekend!
Also to Rob Montgomery for his earlier CFI-G and the many solos and accomplishments of other club members.  We had a great season, and although we had a few ‘learning moments’ we had no significant safety incidents and no damage to any gliders.   Some of us even found some lift (chasing Eric is usually a good bet…).  Thanks to everyone who helped and looking forward to a great 2018.

Oct 28-29 Schedule

2017 Soaring Season has ENDED!

The winds forecasted for Sunday/Monday (and bleak forecast for next weekend) helped make the decision to put gliders away Saturday afternoon.  Will be disassembling the HP-14 today around 10am but all are safely indoors.
Stay tuned for winter ground school classes and other events!

Oct 21-22 Schedule

As usual, anyone looking for training or endorsements, please try to do so early or late to leave mid-day more open for those who want to thermal.  We also have two people who will be trying to get their checkride test prep requirements done this weekend and take their tests next weekend!

Volunteers for Saturday, Oct  21 — start time 10:30am
Tow Pilot – Bill Swartz
Instructor – Sue Tholen / Rob Montgomery
Safety Officer (Wing Runner) –  Jan Kratochvil / John Gary (after noon)

Volunteers for Sunday, Oct  22– start time 10:30am
Tow Pilot – Rob Montgomery
Instructor – Sue Tholen / John Gary (after noon)
Safety Officer (Wing Runner) –  Cindy Daigle

Oct 14-15 Schedule UPDATE

Sunday’s winds are not only going to be rather strong but also gusty and almost all crosswind, so not safe to fly.  Sorry, but very happy for those of us who braved the bleak forecast Saturday since both the clouds and the lift were much better than expected!

Volunteers for Saturday, Oct 14 — start time 11:00am
Tow Pilot – Sue Tholen
Instructor – John Gary
Safety Officer (Wing Runner) –  Cindy Daigle

Volunteers for Sunday, Oct 15– start time 11:00am
Tow Pilot – John Gary
Instructor – Sue Tholen
Safety Officer (Wing Runner) –  Tom Dundzila