Spring has (almost) sprung!

The 2018 soaring season will be upon us before we know it.    Rob has done a great job with the winter ground school sessions!

A few things to keep in mind :
1 – the insurance quote is in and is unchanged from last year so annual dues will again be $450, and barring gas price hikes tow fees will remain the same as well; the insurance does cover premises liability for all club members
2 – the town is now charging $20/month ‘tie-down’ fee for parked gliders
3 – we will want to have a safety meeting and rethink some of our plans and policies after last season’s learnings; plan for a mandatory spring meeting and annual signoff to kick off the season
4 – after the glider assembly session we’ll be looking for volunteers to polish wings, fix seat latch mechanisms, etc.
5 – we’ll probably start the season with the same officers just to get things rolling but anyone who wants to volunteer for scheduling, maintenance officer, etc. we will appreciate any help