2018 Club Meeting May 5

We’ll be holding our annual safety and organizational meeting Saturday, May 5 at 11am at the airport.  Since hoping to maybe do some assembling of gliders after, if weather is bad stay tuned for a switch to May 6 as rain date possibly…

We’d like everyone to come if possible, but for those who can’t we’ll try to cover the new policies and topics via email and on your first day of soaring.

The biggest changes will be around procedures due to the number of gliders.  Last spring we had 2 gliders, so relatively easy to coordinate.  This spring we have FIVE.  That’s a lot of ships with long wings all maneuvering in a small space on the ground and sometimes in the air too.

There are also a few people who haven’t picked up the t-shirts they ordered so that will be a perfect time to get those.  Hope to see you then!


Soaring Season Start for 2018

May 1 tow plane update:
Despite an untimely compressor failure and consequent paint runs, the fuselage is now painted and the new paint scheme is very nice!   Still need to paint the tail feathers and reassemble, plus put the wings back on (I’ve heard those are pretty important) and everything else like seats and rudder cables and wheels.  Then re-weigh, finish the annual inspection, test fly,…  Crossing our fingers to get it done and flying asap now that warm weather has finally arrived.  Stay tuned.