Latest club news

So much has happened in the first month of soaring for the club.  We minted a new tow pilot, Mark Stevens, who has been a HUGE help.  New members like Bud Beauchamp progressed rapidly and soloed, old members (not by age!) like Michael Moore culminated their training from last season and soloed, new members like Peter Bruckner, John Light, Chip Lawrence, Eamon Roosa are making great strides.  Then we have Dave Caswell who’s almost done building his 20 solo flights to take his commercial glider check ride, Larry Barnes who’s almost there for his private pilot,…  Plus, Eric with his relatively fresh private glider certificate, has filled in as unofficial instructor to help others learn his lift-finding secrets.  Rob and Michael have been making some really good videos too.  Makes the recent lack of lift seem less important!

To cap it all of, on July 4th Cindy finally worked up the courage to fly Ruby after convincing herself that it was going to be a big deal.  Not only did she have a great flight but she brought Ruby right back to parking just to show off!!