Welcome to the 2020 Glider Season!

Due to current events, we’re a little overdue. But, we’re finally able to start flying! Oh, boy!

But, there are a few changes that we need to be ready for:

  1. At this time, we’re unable to offer any one-day memberships. The goal is to keep the ‘circle’ reasonably small. This will not be a year of numerical growth for Sanford Soaring.
  2. Instead of the usual ‘free for all’, club gliders and instructors will be available by appointment. Members should look for information in their email about how to schedule.
  3. To ensure that we operate safely, we need to make sure that we follow best practices regarding the Coronavirus. We’re currently finalizing our “COVID Policy”, and it will be published here shortly (before this Saturday).

Weather permitting, Saturday will involve checkouts for instructors and other certificated glider pilots. And, on Sunday we start full scale operations… well… as full scale as we can reasonably and legally be.