June 23-24 Schedule

Weather looking a bit unpredictable and not very “lifty”, but  might be good for getting lots of training flights in (especially for people who need to build time for their checkride requirements!).  Stay tuned for timing changes as weather evolves but plans so far are to start at 10am both days.

Saturday, June 23 (start time 9am)
Tow Pilot: Mark Stevens (am) / Rob Montgomery (pm)
Instructor: Rob Montgomery
Wing Runner:  Sue Tholen
Duty Officer:  TBD

Sunday, June 24 (start time 10am)
Tow Pilot: Rob Montgomery Sue Tholen
Instructor: Sue Tholen
Wing Runner: TBD
Duty Officer: TBD

June 16-17 soaring schedule


Saturday, June 16 (start time 10am)
Tow Pilot: Mark Stevens / Rob Montgomery
Instructor: Rob Montgomery / Sue Tholen (after 1pm)
Wing Runner:  TBD
Duty Officer:  TBD

Sunday, June 17 (start time 10am)
Tow Pilot: Sue Tholen
Instructor: Rob Montgomery
Wing Runner: TBD
Duty Officer: TBD

June 9-10 Schedule

Saturday, June 9 – NO soaring due to Airport Open House 10-3 and expected air traffic.

Sunday, June 10 (start time 10am)
Tow Pilot: Bill Swartz
Instructor: Sue Tholen
Wing Runner: Bud Beauchamp
Duty Officer: Cindy Daigle


June 2-3 Schedule

Looks like some good lift this weekend!  Lots of instruction needed, though, so probably a wait for the 2-33… please be patient!

Sunday, June 3   Start time 10am
Tow Pilot – Sue Tholen
Instructor – Rob Montgomery
Wing Runner – Bill Swartz
Duty Officer – Michael Moore

Opening Weekend for 2018!

Sunday, May 27 – YES, we’ll be flying (10am start time)

Not expecting thermals, but if the ceiling holds, good for training flights and checkouts.  Come on down!

Tow pilot – Mark Stevens
Instructor – Bill Swartz
Wing runner -and Duty Officer – Sue Tholen

Monday, May 28 – no soaring

Volunteers – Please let me know your availability for upcoming weekends and I’ll try to set up schedules a few weeks out.

Glider Assembly (and Tow Plane too!)

Thanks to the volunteers who showed up to help on Sunday 5/13!

For the low price of a few of us having sore shoulders to hold the wing, the wings are now back on the tow plane.  Still not all connected up, but at least looking like an airplane!  Might be another weekend before flying status, but we’ll do what we can to make it happen asap.

It was also a successful day of assembling gliders…
with the eagle-eye award going to Russell for finding the (well-concealed but right-where-they-were-supposed-to-be) bolts for the 1-26!  Both gliders are assembled and annual inspection complete, though the 1-26 needs one new bolt ordered, its tire inflated, and the seat back fixed.  And a nice polishing job on the wings would be nice too…

P.S. The volunteers will get to be first in line for being towed!

May 19-20 Schedule

So it’s looking like Memorial Day weekend will be ‘opening weekend’ for the soaring club.  Keep your fingers crossed for good weather.

As of 5pm Saturday, the tow plane is all done except for a few electrical hookups, tracking (wheel shims), and weight/balance plus final inspection.   Who knew hooking up two wing fuel lines could take 8 hours?

Rich, our A&P/IA, will likely be at the airport Sunday morning to sign off the glider logbooks and do the remaining inspection work.  Hopefully no surprises, so if true and weather clears we may do the test flight Sunday afternoon and be ready to rock and roll next weekend!

May 12-13 Schedule

Pending weather updates, current plan is to assemble on Saturday, May 12 .  We’ll also need to walk the gliders over to the tiedown area and finish up the last annual inspection items (mostly wheel bearings) and paperwork so currently thinking of reserving Sunday for overflow work, plus Sunday might be good for members who want to work with our mechanic to inspect their own gliders.  Haven’t confirmed his availability yet but will touch base later in the week as the weekend gets closer.

Current plan is to start 9-10am Saturday.  Looking for a handful of volunteers!

(meanwhile, Sue and Bill will be trying valiantly to get the tow plane also assembled and ready for weight/balance and final inspection!)

May 6th schedule

Saturday’s assembly plans were modified due to the high winds but we made good progress on inspection items with our mechanic and have a few items to address.  Rob Montgomery will lead the team today (Sunday 5/6) working on those and would welcome any help.  With the showery forecast we may or may not assemble but need to wash Ruby, grease wheel bearings,..  Lots to do!

Thanks for the good meeting yesterday, will get notes and email sent out about that soon.  Hopefully will finish assembly and setup next weekend and be soaring soon.


2018 Club Meeting May 5

We’ll be holding our annual safety and organizational meeting Saturday, May 5 at 11am at the airport.  Since hoping to maybe do some assembling of gliders after, if weather is bad stay tuned for a switch to May 6 as rain date possibly…

We’d like everyone to come if possible, but for those who can’t we’ll try to cover the new policies and topics via email and on your first day of soaring.

The biggest changes will be around procedures due to the number of gliders.  Last spring we had 2 gliders, so relatively easy to coordinate.  This spring we have FIVE.  That’s a lot of ships with long wings all maneuvering in a small space on the ground and sometimes in the air too.

There are also a few people who haven’t picked up the t-shirts they ordered so that will be a perfect time to get those.  Hope to see you then!