July 21-22 Schedule

Yep, we’ll be soaring this weekend.  Will start early both days to accommodate students.  Anyone needing a student pilot certificate please fill out form on https://iacra.faa.gov !

Saturday, 7/21 – start time 9:30AM

Tow Pilot – Sue Tholen
Instructor – Rob Montgomery
Safety Officer – TBD

Sunday, 7/22 – start time 9:30AM

Tow Pilot – Rob Montgomery
Instructor – John Gary, Bill Swartz
Safety Officer – Sue Tholen


Latest club news

So much has happened in the first month of soaring for the club.  We minted a new tow pilot, Mark Stevens, who has been a HUGE help.  New members like Bud Beauchamp progressed rapidly and soloed, old members (not by age!) like Michael Moore culminated their training from last season and soloed, new members like Peter Bruckner, John Light, Chip Lawrence, Eamon Roosa are making great strides.  Then we have Dave Caswell who’s almost done building his 20 solo flights to take his commercial glider check ride, Larry Barnes who’s almost there for his private pilot,…  Plus, Eric with his relatively fresh private glider certificate, has filled in as unofficial instructor to help others learn his lift-finding secrets.  Rob and Michael have been making some really good videos too.  Makes the recent lack of lift seem less important!

To cap it all of, on July 4th Cindy finally worked up the courage to fly Ruby after convincing herself that it was going to be a big deal.  Not only did she have a great flight but she brought Ruby right back to parking just to show off!!


July 7-8 schedule

With the cold front passage from Friday, hoping to get some lift this weekend!  And better yet we won’t swelter in the process!!

Still working out who’s volunteering when so info below to change, but planning to start early both days to get time in for trainees and also allow time for soaring if there IS lift.

Saturday, July 7    Start time 9:30am

Tow Pilot – Rob Montgomery

Duty Instructor – Sue Tholen

Safety Officer – TBD

Duty Officer – TBD

Sunday, July 8    Start time 9:30am

Tow Pilot – Rob Montgomery

Duty Instructor – Sue Tholen

Safety Officer – TBD

Duty Officer – TBD

Schedule for July 4, 2018

It sounds like there just might be enough interest to get some soaring in this Wednesday, although we’ll be a little short on instructor staff. Rob Montgomery is the only available tow-plane pilot and the only available instructor, so dual-instruction is obviously not going to happen. But, supervised solos are in the cards.

The weather forecast says it will be warm and flyable, so let’s hope for some thermals and plan to start flying at 10am.

Tow Pilot – Rob Montgomery

Duty Instructor – Rob Montgomery (sort of)

Safety Officer – TBD

Duty Officer – TBD

Start Time – 10AM

June 30-July 1 Schedule

Looks like Sunday will be a repeat of Saturday, hot and humid and stable, so not much lift, but possibly good for some training.  Windy.com shows some weak coastal convergence late morning but nothing interesting later…  Of course if Eric were here I’m sure he’d prove me wrong!

Rob towing and Sue instructing Sunday starting at 10am.
Call or text if you plan to arrive later since we may shut down earlier than usual if the turnout is light as currently expected.

Email if you’re interested in soaring on July 4th — there just might be enough interest and volunteers to operate, especially if lift looks good that day!


June 16-17 soaring schedule


Saturday, June 16 (start time 10am)
Tow Pilot: Mark Stevens / Rob Montgomery
Instructor: Rob Montgomery / Sue Tholen (after 1pm)
Wing Runner:  TBD
Duty Officer:  TBD

Sunday, June 17 (start time 10am)
Tow Pilot: Sue Tholen
Instructor: Rob Montgomery
Wing Runner: TBD
Duty Officer: TBD

June 9-10 Schedule

Saturday, June 9 – NO soaring due to Airport Open House 10-3 and expected air traffic.

Sunday, June 10 (start time 10am)
Tow Pilot: Bill Swartz
Instructor: Sue Tholen
Wing Runner: Bud Beauchamp
Duty Officer: Cindy Daigle


June 2-3 Schedule

Looks like some good lift this weekend!  Lots of instruction needed, though, so probably a wait for the 2-33… please be patient!

Sunday, June 3   Start time 10am
Tow Pilot – Sue Tholen
Instructor – Rob Montgomery
Wing Runner – Bill Swartz
Duty Officer – Michael Moore