Weekly Schedule 2019 INFO – please read!!!

Many of you seem to prefer getting emails each week with the plans for the weekend (or weekdays in some cases), so instead of trying to use both email AND update the website we are going to try using just emails. 

If your email is NOT in the Sanford soaring google group and you are not already getting emails from Cindy, please add yourself to that group or let us know which email(s) to use and we’ll get you on the list.

We’ll also explore texting apps in the future for those who prefer that, but it will take some time and effort to make that work and be an efficient choice overall. 


May 25, 26 and 27

Saturday, May 25th

  • Start time 10:00am
  • Tow Pilot: Rob Montgomery
  • Instructor: Sue Tholen (assisted by Dave and Cindy)
  • Safety Officer: Cindy Daigle
  • Wing Runner: Dave Caswell

Sunday, May 26th

  • To be determined. Please let us know if you’re planning to fly.

Monday, May 27th

  • To be determined. Please let us know if you’re planning to fly.

May 18-19th Soaring Weekend! No Flying Saturday : (

Saturday, May 18th

Cancelled due to Wind! : (

Sunday, May 19th

Start time 11:00am (estimated)

Tow Pilot – Rob Montgomery

Instructor – Sue Tholen

Safety Officer – Bud

Wing Runner –  TBD

Here is the link to the Wing Runner Course that I highly recommend students complete.


See you tomorrow!


Soaring this weekend ?! May 11th & 12th!

The weather looks great for this weekend!

Saturday May 11th Start time 10:00pm

Tow Pilot – Rob Montgomery 

Instructor – Sue Tholen – Assisting Dave C.

Safety Officer & Logs – Michael

Wing Runner –  Bud

Sunday May 12th Happy Mothers Day!   

Cool and overcast so not expecting any thermals. Perfect for students wanting more flights than soaring time, though… We also have a couple of new prospective members arriving at 10 for intro flights so we will plan to be operating for any other students or those not in need of sunshine by 11 am or so.

Tow Pilot – Rob Montgomery
Instructor – Sue Tholen
Safety Officer/Wing Runner – Cindy Daigle

Sanford Soaring Opening This Weekend! May 4th & 5th. ? Sunday Students – Appointment only 12:00pm – Contact Cindy Daigle (Depending on WX)

Sanford Soaring Opening This Weekend! May 4th & 5th.   ?

Saturday, May 4

Start time 12:00am

Tow Pilot – Rob Montgomery

Instructor – Sue Tholen – Assisting Dave Caswell and Cindy Daigle

Safety Officer – Dave Caswell

Wing Runner – Russell

Sunday, May 5  – Students Only – By Appointment   (Low Ceilings – not good for soaring)

Start time 12:00pm (Depending on WX) Low ceilings

Tow Pilot – Rob Montgomery

Instructor – Sue Tholen – Assisting Cindy Daigle

Safety Officer – Cindy Daigle

Wing Runner –  ?

Please let me know your availability this weekend.  We need to more folks for both Sat and Sun to give Rob and Sue a break.  If any other Tow Pilots, Instructors or Commercial Glider Pilots are available, please send me an email.  ?   Also, it would be helpful if student pilots looking for training could send me an email letting know if your coming and which days. 

Let’s hope the weather is good and we can start the fun! 

Sunday, 4/28

Sorry, but the repairs slated for Saturday didn’t happen due to the ferocious winds. We’ll be trying again Sunday morning. If successful, we may be able to do some flying in the afternoon. Wish we could be more certain, but hopefully next weekend will be better!

Start of 2019 Soaring Season!

Meeting for club officers and anyone else who wants to attend Saturday, April 20 at 10am.

For those who cannot attend, please read through documents which have been and will be sent out, send topics, issues, votes and opinions via email, and

Since rain will likely make all of the 4/20-4/21 weekend un-flyable, we will target 4/27 as a shake-out problems day, finalize checks on gliders, and get tow pilots and instructors some recurrency flights. 4/28 would be the earliest date for ‘opening’ day. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather.

LAST soaring weekend of 2018…

The fall weather has been pretty dismal for soaring overall, but we’ll try to get one last shot in and then disassemble this weekend.

Saturday is a no-go for weather reasons, but if we get a dry period for part of the day will try to disassemble Ruby so that there’s less to do on Sunday.

Sunday – if the forecast remains good, we will plan to operate (2-33, plus Eric and Michael if they want tows) from 10:30-2:30(ish), but please let Sue know who’s coming for timing/planning purposes.

No later than 3pm (don’t forget the time change so it will be more like 4pm in sunlight and temperature) we will try to have the 2-33 repositioned to the northeast side of the airport and start disassembly/storage.