Welcome to the 2020 Glider Season!

Due to current events, we’re a little overdue. But, we’re finally able to start flying! Oh, boy!

But, there are a few changes that we need to be ready for:

  1. At this time, we’re unable to offer any one-day memberships. The goal is to keep the ‘circle’ reasonably small. This will not be a year of numerical growth for Sanford Soaring.
  2. Instead of the usual ‘free for all’, club gliders and instructors will be available by appointment. Members should look for information in their email about how to schedule.
  3. To ensure that we operate safely, we need to make sure that we follow best practices regarding the Coronavirus. We’re currently finalizing our “COVID Policy”, and it will be published here shortly (before this Saturday).

Weather permitting, Saturday will involve checkouts for instructors and other certificated glider pilots. And, on Sunday we start full scale operations… well… as full scale as we can reasonably and legally be.

29-30 schedules

Please note that Saturday, Sep 29th is a no-soaring day.  Tow pilots and instructors will be on their annual fall flying safari, so unavailable!

Saturday, Sep 29 – NO soaring today

Sunday, Sep 30 – start time 11am
Tow Pilot = Mark Stevens
Instructor = Sue Tholen

Aug 18-19 Schedule

The weather has not been cooperating much lately.  🙁
Saturday there may be a few pockets of flyable periods but not enough to warrant trying.  Sorry.

Saturday, Aug 18  NO FLYING!

Sunday, Aug 19 Start time 10am

Tow Pilot – James Stickney
Instructor – Rob Montgomery

Aug 11-12 Schedule

HMMMM – Sunday not looking so good either with very low ceilings forecasted.  Call Sue if you want to fly and we’ll figure out whether and what to do…

Don’t forget to stay up late Sunday night if the clouds clear to watch the Perseid meteor shower!

Sunday, 8/12   Start time 11am (if we decide to do anything)

Tow Pilot – James Stickney
Instructor – Sue Tholen


Latest club news

So much has happened in the first month of soaring for the club.  We minted a new tow pilot, Mark Stevens, who has been a HUGE help.  New members like Bud Beauchamp progressed rapidly and soloed, old members (not by age!) like Michael Moore culminated their training from last season and soloed, new members like Peter Bruckner, John Light, Chip Lawrence, Eamon Roosa are making great strides.  Then we have Dave Caswell who’s almost done building his 20 solo flights to take his commercial glider check ride, Larry Barnes who’s almost there for his private pilot,…  Plus, Eric with his relatively fresh private glider certificate, has filled in as unofficial instructor to help others learn his lift-finding secrets.  Rob and Michael have been making some really good videos too.  Makes the recent lack of lift seem less important!

To cap it all of, on July 4th Cindy finally worked up the courage to fly Ruby after convincing herself that it was going to be a big deal.  Not only did she have a great flight but she brought Ruby right back to parking just to show off!!


May 12-13 Schedule

Pending weather updates, current plan is to assemble on Saturday, May 12 .  We’ll also need to walk the gliders over to the tiedown area and finish up the last annual inspection items (mostly wheel bearings) and paperwork so currently thinking of reserving Sunday for overflow work, plus Sunday might be good for members who want to work with our mechanic to inspect their own gliders.  Haven’t confirmed his availability yet but will touch base later in the week as the weekend gets closer.

Current plan is to start 9-10am Saturday.  Looking for a handful of volunteers!

(meanwhile, Sue and Bill will be trying valiantly to get the tow plane also assembled and ready for weight/balance and final inspection!)

Oct 14-15 Schedule UPDATE

Sunday’s winds are not only going to be rather strong but also gusty and almost all crosswind, so not safe to fly.  Sorry, but very happy for those of us who braved the bleak forecast Saturday since both the clouds and the lift were much better than expected!

Volunteers for Saturday, Oct 14 — start time 11:00am
Tow Pilot – Sue Tholen
Instructor – John Gary
Safety Officer (Wing Runner) –  Cindy Daigle

Volunteers for Sunday, Oct 15– start time 11:00am
Tow Pilot – John Gary
Instructor – Sue Tholen
Safety Officer (Wing Runner) –  Tom Dundzila


Welcome to our newest member Michael Moore (who also, by the way,  contributed some of our latest new photos!), and our newest glider – an hp14 shared by Sue and John and Rob.  Check out the photo gallery page for some updated images.

Sep 16-17 Schedule

Hoping for thermals like last weekend!

Volunteers for Saturday, Sep 16 — start time 10:00am
Tow Pilot – Bill Swartz
Instructor – John Gary AM / Sue Tholen PM
Safety Officer (Wing Runner) – Rob Montgomery

Volunteers for Sunday, Sep 17 — start time 11:00am
Tow Pilot – James Stickney
Instructor – Sue Tholen AM / John Gary PM
Safety Officer (Wing Runner) – Cindy Daigle

Sep 2-3 Schedule

Sunday looks like a washout, so Saturday might get busy.  Hope to see everyone and get everyone a flight but with only 2 gliders please limit your time aloft even if lift is great (or buy your own glider!).  Also to help , those working on building time or practice please try to fly early or late if your schedule permits to leave the best thermals in the mid-day to those wanting to play with thermals.

Volunteers for Saturday, Sep 2 — start time 10:00am
Tow Pilot – Bill Swartz, Rob Montgomery
Instructor – Sue Tholen, Bill Swartz
Safety Officer (Wing Runner) – Dave Caswell, Sue Tholen
(with longer soaring days, hoping to split up responsibilities to give everyone a break and more variety!)

Sunday – TBD.   Rainy forecast looks like soaring is unlikely

NO volunteers/ NO Soaring for Monday, Labor Day