At Sanford Soaring, if you’re unsure about joining and want to try it out, we do offer a daily membership entitling you to a discovery flight.  After joining with an initial membership fee, we also offer monthly as well as full-season dues for people who may want to join later in the season.

Full Membership

An annual membership is, by far, the best deal. An active member who has paid their annual dues has access to our gliders, towing and the camaraderie of being a member of a fun and exclusive group.  As a member of our club, you also have access to use of the club glider and training from one of our certified flight instructors absolutely free!  Whether you own your own glider or use the club’s, all you pay after your membership and annual dues are tow fees.

Running a glider operation is a lot of work, and we’re volunteer based. So, members are required to be active participants in the club. Some of the jobs you may be called upon to do are (among others):

  • Drive the shuttle van.
  • Maintain the staging area.
  • Run wings.
  • Fly tow planes.
  • Give instruction.

To learn more about the joys of membership, please click here Sanford Soaring Club Membership Application to download an annual membership application. You can also download a copy of our Sanford Soaring Bylaws.   We also understand the cost limitations of younger members and have a special ‘student membership’ rate!

Daily Membership

A daily membership is basically for prospective members who would like to know more about soaring or the club. This is a great option for people who are visiting area or who are trying to decide if gliding is right for them.

Cash Limited???

If you want to join but just can’t come up with the full membership fee AND annual dues all at once, consider joining without paying dues.   Joining still has benefits even if you can’t fly yet.  Hang out with the club, help out, learn to be a wing runner, get some free ground school at the picnic table.  Then pay dues when you can, or consider joining just for a month or two.  We have monthly dues options in addition to full year.