Dues and Fees


(Subject to change at any time.)
(See membership application for up-to-date fees.)


  • Lifetime non-transferable: $500
  • Student single-season: $100
  • Family membership: $800


  • Regular members, full year: $450 per calendar year
  • Regular members, per month: $150 per calendar month
  • Student members, full year: $200 per calendar year

All members (and transient gliders) pay standard tow fees:


Available to members ages 13-19 currently in school (or having graduated from high school in the current calendar year). Student members must assist with flight line and maintenance duties at least 2 days per month.  A parent or guardian accompanying a minor is automatically included as an inactive club member, for the period of time the minor is an active member, if they wish to participate in field activities or assist with flight line duties (but must receive safety training and register with the club to be covered by our premises insurance).

Introductory glider flights may be provided to prospective members for $125. (3000’ tow, time subject to conditions ~ 15 min to 30 min.) If the member decides to join within that season, $50 of this payment will be applied toward their membership and dues.

  • $15 per hookup
  • $5 for 200’ rope-break training
  • $10 per 1000’ tow height

Example 1 – A 200-ft “rope-break” would cost $20. ($15 + $5).

Example 2 – A 3,000-ft tow would cost $45. ($15 + (3 x $10)).


Some of our members are glider instructors who instruct for the love of it. If you’re nice to them (and pay for the tow), they’ll teach you for free. 🙂


A member shall be considered an Associate (Inactive) member after payment of the Membership Fee and approval of the Club.

An Associate member shall become an Active member for the specified time period based upon the receipt of (annual or monthly) dues. Only active members may vote on club matters and utilize club facilities and assets.

Startup costs paid by founding members shall be considered financial obligations of the Club and shall be paid off along with any loans from financial institutions equally as funds permit.

The Club may elect to provide discounted tow fees, reduced annual dues, or other incentives to members as needed to ensure a sufficient number of tow pilots, instructor members and currency in Club aircraft, etc.

Operational fees and membership types and dues will be re-assessed annually. Annual dues will be based on estimated membership and expected fixed costs.

More info on the Membership Page 

Sanford Soaring Club Membership Application

Sanford Soaring Bylaws