Learn to Glide

As a Club member, you can learn to fly gliders without any prior knowledge of flying.  For new students, learning first in a glider is much better for developing critical flying skills, not to mention cheaper… and for the younger crowd, you can solo in a glider at age 14, two years earlier than is allowed in airplanes.  Getting your private pilot glider certificate requires only 10 hours of flight time.

Instruction is provided at no charge, as a volunteer effort of other club members with their CFI-G (that’s certified flight instructor with glider rating, for those of you new to flying!).

Existing pilots can also get an add-on glider rating to their pilot certificates. It’s fun, challenging, and totally intoxicating.  There is not even a written test required if you hold a powered certificate!

To help you get started, here are some documents you can look through:

FAA Glider Handbook

SSC Private Glider Syllabus


And some pre-made labels to help the instructors with endorsements:



This is a really good article to read:  Intro to X-Country Soaring