SSC Student Pilots

If you’re new to soaring, you will probably need to do some reading and self-studying.  A great place to start is the FAA Glider Flying Handbook.

The Soaring Society of America also has some good information, including a link to the Soaring Safety Foundation which has some great links to online training courses.

Our syllabus is below, along with the presolo knowledge exam.



Glider rating requirements

For now, please note that in addition to all FAA mandated requirements, our insurance requires that those who do not yet have a private pilot certificate with a glider rating can only solo when under the direct supervision of one of the club glider instructors.

We will hopefully be adding to this page with documentation to help the instructors keep track and share information on students and their progress with each other but for now, those working on a glider rating will be expected to bring their logbook with them for all gliding activities and the club duty officer will maintain hard copies of each student’s syllabus to help with required recordkeeping.