Abnormal Glider Recovery Operations

If you misjudge your approach or if the runway is occupied, you may decide that your best option is to land elsewhere on the field. While this will necessitate a little effort to fully recover the glider, it is a very effective way to reduce conflicts.

There are a number of good landing areas on the field (most of which are marked in orange in the airport diagram). It is a good idea to spend a little time becoming familiar with them when you begin operating from KSFM.

In addition to the areas marked on the diagram, it is also permissible for gliders to land in the Tow Plane Landing Area near the approach end of Runway 7 or to use any hard surfaced runway.

Please be aware that airplanes routinely operate from all of the areas discussed above (both marked and unmarked).

Unless you have no other safe options, do not attempt to land your glider in the infield as the infield is soft.

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