About Sanford Soaring

The Sanford Soaring Club (i.e. the “Club”), is a non-profit, tax exempt organization that is dedicated to promoting the sport of gliding, providing a “home” for glider enthusiasts, and teaching people to safely and proficiently operate gliders.

The Club will operate most weekends from sometime in May through October, depending on personnel availability and weather.  Airfield operations will generally begin around 9am and shut down around 4pm.  Volunteers will be expected to list their plans on the website calendar when volunteering for duty that weekend.  Sometimes plans change unexpectedly so please understand that operations can be cancelled last-minute if replacement volunteers cannot be found.

Our membership comes from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some folks are new to aviation. Some folks learned to glide elsewhere. Others have transitioned from powered aircraft (of some type). We might even have a few “lighter-than-air” folks floating around. Our members are individuals, couples and families. Indeed, the goal of the Club is to be the “home at the airport” for glider enthusiasts.

It is also a volunteer organization. As such, we expect each member to contribute to the operation. As our members come from all walks of life, we hope to take advantage of each members unique skills to help defray the cost of safely operating gliders.

Once a year each member will be expected to complete a checkout for field operations, and for flying privileges also an SGS 2-33 checkout.  The SanfordSoaringClub2016Checkout can be found here.

We also take a lot of our operational guidance from the Soaring Society of America (SSA) and are a member of the society. To learn more about the SSA, please visit their website at www.SSA.org.

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