Glider Operations Area

KSFM Glider Map

The launch and recovery of gliders will take place in the “Glider Operations Area” or “GOA” that is directly adjacent to and south of Runway 7/25. Only activities directly related to the launch and recovery of the gliders and tow plane(s) will take place in the GOA.

The GOA is approximately 200 feet wide. The north side is bound by the southern edge of the runway concrete. The south side is bound by the a line connecting the northernmost edge of all of the drainage culverts. The west side is bound by the access road between the runway and the ILS glide slope antenna. And the east end is bound by the PAPI lights for Runway 25.

No one may enter the GOA unless they are actively involved in the launch and/or recovery of a glider and/or a tow plane. No aircraft will be parked in the GOA at any time. For safety reasons, the GOA must be completely empty whenever an air carrier is operating from Runway 7 or Runway 25.

The “Safety Officer” is primarily responsible for managing the GOA. If the Safety Officer instructs you to leave the GOA, please do so and do not return until the Safety Officer readmits you.



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