Daily Operations Checklists

At the start of each soaring day, the tow pilot is expected to:
1. Preflight the tow plane (add oil if needed to operate between 6-7 qts)
2. Fill the gas tanks (typically to half) on the tow plane account at Southern Maine Aviation
3. Put the tow rope into the airplane to transport to the glider operations area
4. Warm up the airplane and check it out with 1 lap around the pattern
5. Land and park in the glider area, and assist ground personnel with rope checkout

At the start of each soaring day, the duty officer is expected to:
1. Drive to the tow plane hangar, put the (fully charged) handheld radio in the box,
and put the box of items into their vehicle
2. Unlock the gate where members will park
3. Ensure that the club phone 845-5FLYSSC is forwarded to their phone
4. Make an ordered list of those wishing to fly and ensure that all are properly qualified
5. Confirm that the first pilot of the day has completed a glider preflight

At the start of each soaring day, the safety officer is expected to:
1. Inspect the rope and attach hooks on both glider and tow plane for structural integrity
2. Wear a safety vest for visibility

At the end of the day, these activities are essentially reversed.  The glider should be left tied down, with control lock in place, dive brakes fully open, canopy cover in place, pitot cover on, and vent plug in place.  The windshield should  be cleaned (by a trained individual only!) prior to putting on the canopy cover.