Tow Plane Recovery Operations

In order to reduce cycle times, tow planes will land short of the Glider Operations Area (GOA) and taxi up to it. Pilots should use care to ensure that energy is always directed away from the GOA and the staging areas.

When operating from Runway 7, the Tow Plane(s) will normally land in the grassy area marked as “Tow Plane Landing Area”, and then taxi up to the Glider Operations Area. The Tow Plane Pilot must hold short of the path between the Runway and the Glide Slope Antenna (i.e. the west end of the GOA) until authorized to enter by a Safety Officer.

When operating from Runway 25, the Tow Plane may land in the GOA if a Safety Officer concurs that the area is clear and sufficient length is available.  Otherwise the “Wrong Side 25” is preferred to avoid conflicts.

If a Tow Plane lands and there is not another glider ready to be towed, a Safety Officer will direct the Tow Plane to parking in one of the Staging Areas. At no time will a Tow Plane be parked in the GOA.

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