Vehicle Operation on the Airport


Generally speaking, only vehicles that have been approved for operations on airport property (using the procedures defined by the Airport Manager) are authorized to be operated on airport property. Because our operations require that we cross active runways, the general requirements are as follows:

  • The vehicle must have one or more flashing yellow lights that are visible from above.
  • The vehicle must have an operable aviation-band two-way radio that is tuned to the proper CTAF frequency.

Vehicle operations between the Glider Operations Area and the various parking locations will take place along the dashed yellow line. Drivers are responsible for visually clearing all runways and announcing that they are crossing the runway on the CTAF frequency.

When crossing Runway 14/32 (on the yellow line), the following announcement will be made:

“Sanford Traffic, ground vehicle crossing the approach end of runway 14 on the ground, Sanford Traffic.”

When crossing runway 7/25 (on the yellow line), the following announcement will be made:

“Sanford Traffic, ground vehicle crossing runway 7-2-5, midfield on the ground, Sanford Traffic”

When glider operations are underway, do not enter either Runway 7/25 or the Glider Operations Area without the approval of a Safety Officer (in a yellow vest).

Occasionally, it may be necessary for a non-approved vehicle to be operated on airport property. In all cases, the non-approved vehicle must follow an approved vehicle and have it’s four-way flashers on at all times. It is the responsibility of the duty driver (or other person operating the approved vehicle) to brief the other driver on the procedures to be followed and to ensure that the non-approved vehicle follows the approved vehicle. Only one non-approved vehicle may be escorted at any time.

Anyone operating an approved vehicle on airport property will undergo training from a club officer.

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