Club Officers

Well, we’re still in the process of spinning up and many positions still need to be filled.  Please volunteer!


Officers are elected by the membership, in accordance with the by-laws.

  • President – Sue Tholen
  • Secretary – Jim Harrison
  • Treasurer – John Gary

Deputy Officers

Deputy officers are appointed by the officers on an as needed basis. Some positions so far include:

  • Chief Safety Officer – Rob Montgomery
  • Chief Instructor – Bill Swartz
  • Chief Tow Pilot – Bill Swartz
  • Chief Maintenance Officer – John Gary
  • Chief Operational Officer (aka Chief Duty Officer) – Cindy Daigle

For more information on the roles and responsibilities, please refer to the club by-laws.

The Board of Directors currently includes Sue Tholen, Bill Swartz, and Jim Knowles.  We hope to find additional directors who can help us advance soaring in the southern Maine area.

sue1 towplaneheater robcockpit John1